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For Resellers and Service Providers

Router Limits is a software company specializing in building and maintaining internet management solutions. We partner with hardware manufacturers, service providers, and resellers to deliver exceptional products and tools that generate increased revenue streams from new and existing deployments. Our solutions can be fully white-labeled, run a wide variety of hardware, and integrate seamlessly with other systems via extensive APIs.

Service Provider Tools

Utilizing the Router Limits Pro Portal, you and your customer care agents can support all of your accounts in one place. Whether it’s assisting a customer with configuring their settings or managing subscriptions, it’s all available in our Pro Portal. We also provide marketing and sales materials for you to use and customize for your needs.

Hardware Integrations

Router Limits can run on a wide variety of customer-premises equipment (CPE). We partner and integrate our embedded solutions with third-party hardware manufacturers so you can continue to use the hardware you’ve already invested in. Oftentimes Router Limits can be enabled on deployed hardware with a simple over-the-air (OTA) firmware update, creating a new revenue stream from existing infrastructure.

Extensible API's

Router Limits can be seamlessly integrated with your business’s CRM, billing system, customer support portal, etc. Utilizing our REST APIs, it’s easy to tie Router Limits into your existing processes.

Flexible Billing Capabilities

Whether you want us to bill customers directly, or you’d prefer to bill them yourself, we’ve got you covered. Router Limits has two billing models: RMR Share and Cost Plus. With RMR Share, we’ll handle all of the billing and send you a cut of the recurring monthly revenue. Cost Plus allows you to bill customers yourself, and we’ll just send you a consolidated invoice of usage each month.

White Label

You’ve worked hard to build a business that your customers trust. Router Limits makes it easy to put your brand on our solutions. We’ll still maintain the backend and development, but users interact with your brand. Customizations include:

  • Brand and product names
  • Logos and company icons
  • Color schemes
  • Domains and subdomains

Dealer Support

Whether it’s your first install or your thousandth, we have a team of experts ready to help, with both phone and email support along with our extensive suite of tools to help you get things done fast and easy.

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